Love Chair Natural Family Love Tree

Love Chair Natural by Family Love Tree

We Love this LOVE chair, that brings peace, summer and a love feeling to the interior. Boutique & Design Hotels could have this one in the Lobby, the Hotel room or suite to freshen up its interior. Several beautiful colors are available, so pick your choice!

Once you set eyes on it’s quirky flower back, you will be totally smitten with our Love Chair. With your choice of playful cushion, the Love Chair has never looked so stunning.

Width 95cm, 58cm seat, 110 cm height, 48cm from floor to seat.

The LOVE Chair is a furniture design product from Family Love Tree. A company based in Melbourne, Australia.

“The Family Love Tree draws on the energy and ingenuity that rushes around this eclectic and creative city, but with a peaceful and seductive tone that comes from the love for all things lush, loose and harmonious.

Created here and hand crafted globally, Family Love Tree is committed to never mass producing and always protecting the lives and environments of the beautiful communities who help create products.

We clash colours with textures and regularly break the decorating rules. After all, love is rarely simple. It is passionate and sensual yet diverse and lively.  And that’s the kind of love we like to spread.”

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