In the continued search to do good to the environment, good to hotel guests and good to hotels, the dream urban city bike is launched. The Hilton Paris Opera, was the premier hotel to launch this concept for hotel guests.

Mocinno International is a hospitality consulting company, assisting many luxury and boutique hotels to make a difference in operations, sales & marketing by using Six Sigma, Lean and Blue Ocean to drive revenues, innovation and streamline costs. To be able to differentiate we develop together with our clients, concepts that will drive revenues, impact public relations and create marketing opportunity.

In the quest to do better to the world, deliver sustainable solutions, by taking cars of the road and adding a charitable solution to this biking concept, hotels really can make a difference.

Apart from being seen, as trust me these bikes shine in your city or resort destination, the Vélosophy bike creates a marketing opportunity for your hotel, no matter where you are.

Sofia Vandaele, General Manager at the Hilton Paris Opera and Ambassador for Vélosophy told us “I take pride in being part of a team, whose aim is to go the extra mile in ensuring young girls in Africa get an opportunity to get to their education, to shape their future…”

The Hilton Paris Opera, offers a special rate for travelers worldwide who want to stay at this amazing hotel, and get to know the city by bike. Together with Vélosophy, the hotel launched a limited Golden edition to shine even more in the historic city Paris. The bikes are available for guests to use in Paris, but you can also buy them at a special rate online, by using the code ‘Opera’ – or via Hotel Design Collection. The hotel is committed to the charity that is associated to the bike, namely for every bike sold, in partnership with UNICEF, a special version goes to a girl in Ghana.

Many hotels are making the choice to deliver a difference in the world. Vélosophy has set up a special corporate deal for hotels, so your bikes are visible in the city, in your colour or with your logo. Contact me if you have any questions or if you and your hotel also want to make a difference in the world!

About Vélosophy

At Vélosophy we bring great urban commuters to biking citizens around the globe, at the same time as we co-operate with UNICEF and World Bike Relief to provide schoolgirls in developing countries with bicycles. – For every Vélosophy sold we donate another bike to a young schoolgirl – bringing her hope of a brighter future.

Fact is that giving a girl a bike will increase her presence in school with close to 30% and her results with as much as 60%. And according to Plan UK –An extra year of education increases a girls’ income by 10 to 20 per cent and is a significant step on the road to breaking the cycle of poverty. Educated girls mean the chance of a better life for themselves and their children, a more prosperous community, a better workforce and a wealthier nation –. It is facts like that, that inspires us everyday.

We may be small but we are ambitious and determined to challenge the bicycle business as we know it. We do it through the brand promise – giving a bicycle away for every one we sell. We do it when our donation bicycles are manufactured supporting local labour and local business. We do it when we co-operate with local craftsmen in Romania – engaging them to produce part of our accessories. And we do it selling most of our bicycles directly through our web store – and thereby creating room for our brand promise: i.e. donating a bicycle for everyone we sell.

With fewer words: Vélosophy is – part bicycle and part philosophy.

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